How We Works

We are consultants in the IT Technology field. We provide services from System Analysis, Planning, Solution Designing, to implementation. Our team are experienced in the field of business applications such as ERP

In our experience, projects should be manage correctly since the first day.






Develop & Testing


Fine Tuning


Go Live

Projects Delivered
Development Hours

Product & Service

We have developed various business applications that can be tailored to your needs. Every business is unique, every business needs attention to how the system designed can support the business

Focus On Data

Data accuracy is the most critical thing in business. We assure your data is accurate and accountable.

Unlimited Users

Our license is for unlimited users, there no additional charge for more users in the future.

Multi Warehouse, Multi Currency, Multi almost everything

We provide the maximum capability for you with everything customizable and support multiple settings.

Advance Auto Numbering

We support customizable Auto Numbering format that can be easily configured.

Approval Process

Document transaction supports approval feature to make sure everything is under control.

User Based Data Visibility

Some data can only be seen by some users. That can be easily set make sure the data is for the right person.

On Premise First

Your business your data, all hosted on premise on your server. Make sure your data is fully owned by yourself.

Expert Consultancy

Implementation can be fail without an expert consultant. We have both great products and experts.

Implementation Consultancy

We build our own product, we know everything from the bottom up. Our experts will ensure your needs can be accommodate, your operations can run more efficient, and the important is make sure everyone is happy.


We have a modular development pattern. Our solutions can be customized based on your specific needs. We will maintain the customized features don’t break the major features.

Development Consultancy

We always upgrade our team to the latest technology available on the market. Our expertise range from front-end, back-end, mobile apps development. We are gladly to help if you need our assistance in development.

Developer Training Program

Our team experience in training for 14+ years. We have Research and Development team that will evaluate current latest technologies and try to adopt the best. If you need your engineers to upgrade their knowledge, you can go our online training course or invite us to held on-site training sessions.

More solutions

coming soon
  • Help you providing daily sales report, inventory report
  • Organize selling offline or online
  • Sell more not only products, sell digital products, PPoB, etc.
  • Help you advertise, more branding, more earnings
  • Help your sales team access information near real time
  • Give your customer access to place order from Mobile Applications
  • Monitor sales team performance using dashboard
  • Engage with your customers, through notification based content management.

Our Clients


We build our valuesour work cultureour happinessour balanced-life

  • Solution oriented to provide customers' ultimate satisfaction
  • Empowering each other to grow together
  • Jovial spirit in enjoying the work
  • Agility is our winning strategy
  • Teamwork make us stronger
  • Integrity is our life

Our Stories

Our journey will be recorded, every path we make, we want to inspire more people to join us and write your own life-journey!